Types of Vehicle Inspections

Accident Damage Inspection

light smashWe are able to receive our instructions by email or telephone and endeavour to inspect all vehicles within 48 hours. We then forward the completed report 48 hours thereafter. Our reports are ABI and CPR compliant, meaning no further questions will be asked from you or the receiving party.

Our report includes:

  • Routine Vehicle Assessments
  • Remote Digital Image Inspection Service
  • Itemised repair costs
  • MIAFTR category (if a total loss)
  • Relevant valuations
  • Method and fair repair times
  • Temporary repair details (if un-roadworthy)

Our report includes all the information you require to successfully process or conclude a claim. We fully understand we may be required to support you or advise you at a later stage.

Category ‘C’ & ‘D’ Insurance Write-off Inspections 

People require these inspections when they have bought (or have repaired) a ‘Damaged Repaired’ vehicle and want to re-insure it. Most insurance companies insist on the report to ensure that the repairs have been completed to a ‘Roadworthy Standard’. Please check with your insurer to see if they require one.

Post Repair Inspections

We complete this type of inspection to satisfy the vehicle owner and give them ‘Peace of Mind’ that their vehicle has been repaired correctly. If the repair is unsatisfactory, our report can be used as a ‘snagging list’ in preparation for the rectification work. You should be reimbursed with our fee by the repairing garage or your insurer if any faults are found.

Diminution Inspections / Reports

Diminution basically means diminished value. This may arise after a vehicle has sustained accident damage and subsequently repaired. It is often difficult to re-instate a vehicle to its pre-accident condition especially if welded panels have been replaced or the vehicle has been straightened on a jig re-alignment system.

Car dealers often deduct 10-25% from the vehicle's value after finding out the vehicle has been damaged and subsequently repaired. However, here at VDA we feel that every vehicle should be inspected and assessed on its own merit as many vehicles do not warrant a diminution claim. Diminution Claims can only be considered in non-fault accidents.


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